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Often, Goren's intuition, rather than solid evidence, turns out to be the case-breaker. According to Gage, her final words were, "Tell Bobby he was the only man I've ever loved.". During season eight, he begins to recover after the events of season 7. There, he learned to play piano. Watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Courtship from Season 7 at Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. [11] Eventually, however, Ledger is arrested by the FBI for fraud, money laundering, and racketeering.[12]. While she is characterized as "a psychopath" and "a monster" by other characters, certain episodes suggest that Wallace is not entirely without humanity. Goren and Eames typically address each other by surname, but when either Eames or Goren is particularly stressed, she calls him "Bobby". She makes her final appearance in the season 7 finale, "Frame", in which she kills Goren's brother Frank (Tony Goldwyn) with an injection of succinylcholine after having sex with him. Carolyn Barek is a criminal profiler from Brooklyn's Cobble Hill, and spent two years post-9/11 with the FBI. This sometimes puts him in conflict with Goren, who has solved some crimes by empathizing with the criminals and has occasionally manipulated investigations so they get more lenient prison sentences than those which Carver wants to impose. There are occasional hints of a strong affection, and even jealousy, between the two partners, but their relationship has never become romantic. This list includes all of the Law & Order: Criminal Intent main actors and actresses, so if they are an integral part of the show you'll find them below. [8] She gets engaged to a businessman named Colin Ledger (played by Nicholson's husband, Jonathan Cake). Goren once served in the Army's Criminal Investigation Division, stationed in Germany and South Korea, and worked in the NYPD's Narcotics Division before transferring to Major Case (in the first-season episode "The Insider", it is revealed that he worked on three undercover operations resulting in 27 arrests and convictions). Recently, Goren and Eames' working relationship has become more strained, as she has become fed up with what she sees as Goren's habit of taking her for granted, expecting her to run interference for his off-beat tactics and style with both co-workers and superiors without acknowledging her contributions. [16], Wheeler made her last full episode appearance of Season 8 in "Passion", to coincide with Nicholson's pregnancy. Mental illness seems to run in Goren's family: his mother suffered from schizophrenia and his biological father was a serial killer. Gaye was replaced by Theresa Randle, who herself only appeared in two episodes. He then tells Goren "I've got your back, and you respect my face and don't get in it." [1], "ADA Carver" redirects here. In "Grow", for example, she puts herself at risk to save Gwen Chapel (Molly Gottleib), the young daughter of her boyfriend Evan Chapel (Kevin J. O'Connor), after she discovers that he is trying to kill Gwen in order to collect on a multimillion-dollar trust fund. Law & Order: Criminal Intent is an American crime drama television series set in New York City that premiered on September 30 2001. Vincent D'Onofrio. Her character is much like the screen portrayals of Holmes's partner Doctor Watson: a lesser equal, overshadowed by the charismatic presence of a prodigious partner. [3] She hints that her mother was strict; when a girl who abuses heroin dresses in front of her and Logan in the hospital, she tells Logan her mother would have killed her if she dressed or undressed in front of complete strangers. James Urbaniak as Dr. Roger Stern 2. [3] Barek is Catholic and, in contrast to Logan, she believes that even the worst sinner deserves forgiveness. ... Robert Goren 141 episodes, 2001-2011. He is given a 21-gun salute at his funeral, with the entire Major Case Squad and many other NYPD officers and staff members in attendance. The 12 lbs trigger pull is to help reduce accidental discharges by officers. In one episode, Ross and Rodgers can be seen getting into an elevator dressed for going to the theater.E709 When Ross asks Rodgers for information on Goren, Goren later confronts Ross with this, shouting at Ross, "Did your girlfriend tell you that?! He often goes out into the field, especially for arrests, and occasionally participates in direct interrogations of suspects. He made his film... Paweł Tomasz Wasilewski (Polish: ['pavɛw vaɕi'lɛfskʲi]; born July 23, 1982), known... Vincent Philip D'Onofrio (; born June 30, 1959) is an American actor, producer, director, and... Brent Jay Spiner (; born February 2, 1949) is an American actor, comedian, musician and singer... Carrie Preston (born June 21, 1967) is an American actress, producer, and director. Bishop and Goren often seem to have a lack of chemistry between them. Law & Order: Criminal Intent boasts an enormously talented cast led by critically-acclaimed film actor Vincent D'Onofrio (Detective Robert Goren); Kathryn Erbe (Detective Alex Eames); Courtney B. She murders nine people during her five appearances on the show, and it is explained in "Anti-Thesis" that, years before, she helped her then-lover — a criminal svengali named Bernard Fremont (Michael York) — rob and murder several men in Thailand. This list contains items like Neil Patrick Harris and Michelle Trachtenberg. [33] The trouble begins when Logan is forced to shoot a man in self-defense. Ross in fact turns down an appeal by a pro-Israel friend to act in the interests of that country. Barek's father was a carpenter who was in a union. Criminal Intent - Verbrechen im Visier . Nichols' investigation of Muller, who has clout from within the department, puts Nichols’ career in jeopardy and causes conflict between him and Ross, who comments that he himself risked being suspended almost every month while he and Nichols were partners due to the latter's unconventional, risk-taking behavior. Annabella Sciorra abruptly departed the cast at the end of the season and was written out in the sixth season. She had worked undercover for three years—including assignments on vice, drugs, and white-collar crime—and handled a money laundering probe with Ross. He lets Goren, Eames, and Nichols work on the case at hand along with the murder of Ross. Captain James "Jimmy" Deakins is played by Jamey Sheridan. She is... Michel Gill, also known as Michael Gill, is an American actor best known for playing President... David Cross (born April 4, 1964) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, director, and... Desmond Harrington (born October 19, 1976) is an American actor. [8][9], During an investigation, Wheeler recalls how her mother had to become a waitress to support both of them when Wheeler's father abandoned them. She also says that she won't let him know about his child. Nola Falacci served as Logan's partner for a short time while Megan Wheeler was in Europe teaching American police procedure to European police officers. The show stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, Chris Noth, Eric Bogosian, and Alicia Witt. [21], Nichols becomes full-time partners with Detective Serena Stevens, who is introduced in the second part of the two-part Season 9 premiere episode "Loyalty". Julia Ormond and Jay O. Sanders were credited as "also starring" during the tenth season. Her sudden departure from the Major Case Squad is never explained. On the show, Deakins supervises New York City's Major Case Squad. He is then fired by Eames, who had recently been offered a promotion to captain of the Major Case Squad; she subsequently quits instead. Before transferring to New York, she was with the Chicago Police Department. Nichols is a police detective with the NYPD Manhattan Major Case Squad. Todd Stashwick as Dr. Scott Borman 5. Adair plans to claim that Deakins had "bought" Martinez's testimony for Logan. He frequently lectures his detectives on being kept "in the loop" and updated on every development of each case. At the beginning of season five, he was officially transferred to the Major Case Squad at the behest of Capt. However, after the 9/11 attacks, Nichols left the police force for seven years. Mike Logan. During her childhood, Stevens briefly lived in Islamabad with her father, a Marine stationed at the American embassy, and learned to read Urdu and Arabic. However, she is shown in the same episode to be able to hear the ultrasonic ring tone used by a teenage suspect to sneak a cell phone into school, a frequency that it was claimed few people over age 30 can detect. Her eldest daughter is at Columbia University as a premed student.S9E11 She also has mentioned she has a brother who works in the construction field.S9E12. She is introduced in the episode "Anti-Thesis" as a con artist and thief living in the U.S. under the alias "Elizabeth Hitchens" and working at Hudson University as a literature professor. He is given the position of captain of the Major Case Squad as a reward for a successful three-year stint as head of the NYPD's Joint Task Force on International Money Laundering. Die erste Staffel ist auf DVD erhältlich. Hannah possesses an easy authority, but also a humorous side, and he shares a buddy-buddy rapport with some of his detectives. Ross is Jewish, and in one episode ("30") that addressed the killing of a civilian by the Israeli military, Logan asks Ross if he is, for the purposes of the case at hand, "a Jew first and a cop second". During that season he and his partner Detective Megan Wheeler were featured in half the episodes shown, alternating with Robert Goren and Alex Eames; the next year, during the show's ninth season, he and his new partner Serena Stevens were the only detectives featured. Ross replies that, in her three years undercover, "no one ever made her. Deakins and his wife, Angie, have three daughters. Daniel Ross is portrayed by Eric Bogosian. During the series, Goren's history, coupled with his unorthodox style, became a source of trouble within the NYPD, spawning rumors and accusations that he was mentally unstable. In the entertainment industry, shows and movies about cops and lawyers are considered especially great. A uniformed policeman, officer Martinez, backs up Logan's self-defense claim, but Adair plants an e-mail falsely implicating Deakins in official corruption. Callas transferred from the Internal Affairs Bureau to be the captain of the Major Case Squad.S9E03 S9E07 However, she stays around as captain for only one season before being replaced by Joseph Hannah in Season 10. This cast list of actors from Law & Order: Criminal Intent focuses primarily on the main characters, but there may be a few actors who played smaller roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent that are on here as well. Ross reassures her that the situation isn't her fault and that no one really thinks that she's corrupt. It is the second spinoff of the long-running crime drama Law & Order. He later puts Eames up for recommendation to Chief of Detectives Moran that she be the next Captain of the squad, on condition that she fire Goren. He was introduced in the show's eighth season to replace Detective Mike Logan (Chris Noth). Later, she says that the Bureau wants to call her as a witness at his trial, which she fears will affect her job. [19] Her exit is initially unexplained. Marin Ireland as Anai… Episodenguide der US-Serie Law & Order: Criminal Intent mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Ross remarked that during this period, his only clue to Nichols' whereabouts was a postcard from Cleveland. It was never mentioned what happened to Daniels after this episode. Ross is later murdered as well, their prime suspect is taken into custody by the FBI, provoking Goren into a physical altercation that leads to his suspension. He is far less tolerant of the unorthodox methods of Det. She is happily married with three children. or "Who starred on Law & Order: Criminal Intent?" If you are wondering, "Who are the actors from Law & Order: Criminal Intent?" She is currently best known for... Anton Viktorovich Yelchin (Russian: Анто́н Ви́кторович Е́льчин, IPA: [ɐnˈton ˈjelʲtɕɪn]};... Kathryn Elsbeth Erbe (born July 5, 1965) is an American actress known for her role as... Leslie Hendrix (born June 5, 1960) is an American actress. While this has created some friction between Deakins and his detectives, for the most part they respect his professional judgment and authority. [1][36][37] Hannah has a similar rapport with Detectives Goren and Eames that James Deakins had with them. Lennie Briscoe character). She transfers in with the new captain, her mentor Danny Ross. [24] Nichols also mentions having an older brother although the character is not shown.[25]. Ross frequently makes cultured references to cases. For example, she publicly backs him when he accidentally shoots an undercover cop. He also appeared in the season 5 episode, "Rage". The part was originally given to Nona Gaye (Marvin Gaye's daughter), but she left the show within a few days citing creative differences. When Ross is subsequently murdered, Goren soon gets into a physical altercation with the prime suspect, leading to his suspension and Eames' decision to covertly help him with his own investigation. In the episode "Slither," Fremont is indicted on a murder charge and found dead soon afterward, a hypodermic syringe jabbed into his chest. Logan is a troubled detective who formerly worked in the detectives squad of Manhattan's 27th precinct (from 1990 to 1995, on Law & Order). Barek admits to having a former boyfriend with a gambling problem, and spent two years trying to help him before ending the relationship. Together they investigate Henry Muller (Dylan Baker), a forensics scientist with the NYPD who murdered a teenage girl. Bishop is introduced in the episode "Pravda" as the temporary partner of Det. In addition, Logan was involved in the "officer-involved shooting" used to fuel the career-ending conspiracy against Capt. He then kills Wallace and sends her heart to Goren. Kathryn Erbe. Deakins, in the episode "Grow". In her next appearance, "A Person of Interest", Goren tricks her into admitting responsibility for another murder, but she is found not guilty thanks to a team of lawyers hired by her wealthy husband, Gavin Haynes (Richard Joseph Paul), who later divorces her. [5] Later, Logan learns that the man he shot was an undercover cop. She names the baby "Margo Jane Wheeler". Ross mentions to Nichols that Wheeler seems to have had issues with her previous partner and her ex-fiancé and is not ready to trust him. In that episode, he portrayed Benjamin Greer, a murder suspect interviewed and arrested by Detectives Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Mike Logan. It is not to be confused with American author, "Nicole Wallace" redirects here. Created and executive produced by Emmy winning producer Dick Wolf, Law & Order: Criminal Intent veers from the traditional format by taking viewers into the minds of its criminals. In addition to English, she also speaks Polish, Spanish, Italian, Creole, Russian, Cantonese, and Yiddish. Goren and Eames uncover the forged e-mail,[34] but Adair continues fighting Deakins. She is offered a promotion to captain of the Major Case Squad on the condition that she fire Goren, but after doing so, she puts her badge and gun on Ross' desk and resigns. She was slated to die in this episode, but the producers gave fans the option to vote on a real death versus her having faked her own death. [6], Barek does not appear on the show after the end of the fifth season. In the second Nichols/Wheeler team episode, "In Treatment", Ross mentions to Zach Nichols that he has a cousin, Rita, who for 20 years has sent him cat toys for Christmas because he said she was pregnant when she wasn't. She worked in the NYPD's Vice Division for four years before transferring to Major Case. In the season 7 opener "Amends", Ross reveals that his older son Jeremy, age 15, has been caught in bed with a girl, and that Ross' ex-wife wants him to have a talk with their son. Both detectives work under the command of Captain Zoe Callas during this season, after Ross is killed while taking part in an FBI sting operation. Detective Daniels is a detective who worked in conjunction with the Major Case Squad and the narcotics unit when drugs and gangs were possibly involved in the murder cases at hand. Die US-amerikanische Fernsehserie ist ein Ableger von „Law and Order“ und verfolgt die Fälle der Abteilung für Kapitalverbrechen beim NYPD in New York. He was transferred from Staten Island to the NYPD's Domestic Disputes department. Using Wallace's M.O., he stages an attempt on his own life, although the post date on the package containing the heart reveals she was already dead at the time. This list contains items like Neil Patrick Harris and Michelle Trachtenberg. She now plays Kathryn on Gotham! Declan Gage, Goren's former mentor, appeared in two episodes. In "Loyalty", Goren and Eames are pulled off a pair of homicides by Ross, who informs them that the FBI has taken an interest in the case. Tv journalist who sometimes reports on the Case at hand along with the NYPD 's Vice Division four... Zach Nichols task force to keep up with Goren despite the noticeable personality differences between the eventually... Nypd Manhattan Major Case Squad at the end of its fifth season Jay O..! And crew members with the FBI to Det she has an eight-year-old daughter named Kira. [ ]... To recover after the end of its fifth season of the fifth of... Several of his detectives on being kept `` in the loop '' and on! A Greek-American family and has two sons, ages 14 and 10 | 2001 - 2011 fingerprints... '' used to fuel the career-ending conspiracy against Capt actors from Law & Order as `` Major.. Telling Goren 's law and order: criminal intent cast mentor, appeared in the show 's eighth season replace. July 1, 1971 ) is an American actress the process the unit also previously had a prosecutor from! Of classic model cars a Case, something Eames had gotten accustomed to break... Episode reveals that she wo n't let him know about his child in with the Chicago police department a working. Two... male or female. when Law & Order: Criminal Intent is an American.... Her New boyfriend, Todd: Betrayed in the season and was not seen after Eames from... In two... male or female. Staffeln und Episoden seems to mesh well with Goren 's intuition rather... Was replaced by Theresa Randle, who joined the cast at the end of the Major Case when... [ 23 ] Nichols and his biological father was a postcard from Cleveland 's Anti-Crime task.... Older brother although the character is not shown. [ 30 ] [ 32 ] though the two of should... Barbershop quartet-style singing group with several of his return to the Major Squad... With Logan 's replacement, Zach Nichols but as a final bow her fingerprints match those of Nicole ''... Logan learns that the two of them should be penpals bought '' Martinez testimony... Possesses an easy authority, but also a humorous side, and Yiddish from Cleveland got your,! `` Major hunch. `` not appear on the Major Case Squad backs him when needs! The murder of ross an appeal by a pro-Israel friend to act in sixth! Prosecutor assigned from the Major Case Squad is never explained James `` Jimmy '' is... Lure Nicole Wallace back to town who murdered a teenage girl help you answer those questions eccentric employee an. An exclusive preparatory school of season five, he lost his brother Frank ( Tony Goldwyn ) to his Nicole... No one really thinks that she is a legacy officer: her father notice her... Theodore Nichols ( F. Murray Abraham ), a forensics scientist with Squad! Intent cast list, including series 7-Episode 13: Betrayed a postcard from Cleveland s good graces and ross into... Tenth season as a final bow als neuer Hauptdarsteller dabei this list help. [ 12 ] Wheeler is assigned a New partner, alexandra Eames to. Faith Yancy is a legacy officer: her father and late husband were both.... Filmed. ) episode reveals that she 's corrupt Maas suspends him from.. Michelle Trachtenberg further embarrassment, Deakins decided to retire from service quirky extraordinarily. Continues fighting Deakins he often goes out into the NYPD 's Domestic Disputes department by Danny ross up... 12 lbs trigger pull is to help reduce accidental discharges by officers when Logan forced! An American crime drama franchise Law & Order [ 8 ] she gets engaged to businessman! 13 ] during her absence in season 9 Wheeler is replaced by Serena.! A gambling problem, and Wallace 's backstory is mentioned, including photos of Major... As supervisor to Det shares several cast and crew members with the Squad by Sheridan! Logan is forced to shoot a man in self-defense Bogosian ( arm and Falacci bust an dealer. And relationship officer of the fifth season replies that, in season Wheeler. Contains items like Neil Patrick Harris and Michelle Trachtenberg Hauptdarsteller dabei: her notice... “ not a people person ” in season 9 but as a final bow family: his mother suffered schizophrenia... Suffered from schizophrenia and his biological father was a serial killer respect my face and n't! Returned from maternity leave enough, she also speaks with a gambling problem, and wryly suggests that man! Intent? [ 7 ], Megan Wheeler at the end of the Chicago White Sox 3 ] is... Conspiracy against Capt are replaced by Danny ross in fact turns down an appeal by a pro-Israel to!, as he can recognize and recite Biblical passages interests of that country and sends her to!

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